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One HUB is a tailor made on-line platform that let you oversee all your yacht activities connecting you with the crew, clients, suppliers, service providers and us.   


Just One Office .


1 One Office Online


•    Document sharing
•    On-line Meetings and Conferences
•    Activities Supervision
•    Work Progression Monitoring
•    Payments

      And much more

You can Have Access from Anywhere
One Hub lives on the internet. Your world is in the palm of your hand. Whenever, no matter what day or time, and wherever. Wherever you are in the world. Available to you, at all times.

2 Hire/Work

From your Personal Yacht Manager, to HR Departement 

Jam-packed with a variety of tools and features to monitor your teams work on board and progression. You are simply able to manage your project, improve your business ten-fold, and organise and attend to all incoming customer support.

You can  be also a partner or freelance and became a member of our team .

3 Manager Directory

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